Red blend from Côtes du Rhône

At a glance:

Country: France
Region: Côtes du Rhône
Grape(s): Blend (Grenache/Syrah)
Year: 2013
Maker: Domaine des Pasquiers
Price: 11.99

I picked up this bottle from a local wine store – it’s one they import themselves, an organic blend from a smaller producer in the Côtes du Rhône region. My first sniff and sip were a little off-putting – the wine seemed almost acrid, which didn’t seem like a great sign. I decided to set it aside for a little cotes du rhonewhile, but I got impatient (and wanted wine) so
only a few minutes elapsed between when I set it down and when I took another drink. Surprisingly, after just a few minutes, the wine was already a lot better. It was intense, smoky and strong, and reminded me of barbeque in all honesty, which is kind of a weird thing to say about wine. Still, it  wasn’t too crazy or all over the place (I know, I know, that description is borderline useless, but I can’t think of any other way to put it). After a few glasses I sealed it up, and set it aside for the next night.

Drinking it again a day later, it had mellowed out a little bit, with the smokiness toned down and more fruit making its way in there. Listening to David Bowie on vinyl (changesonebowie- it’s a compilation, which maybe makes it less cool, but I’m not gonna pretend it was a some rare first pressing or anything) the wine brought out the heat in one of my favorite Ottolenghi meals (from his cookbook Jerusalem – Pasta shells with yogurt, feta, and green peas, topped with spicy sautéed pine nuts). It sounds weird, but it’s amazing – a link to the ingredients is here, but for the method, you need to buy his cookbook, which is totally worth it.

So maybe it was the combination of the food, maybe it was Bowie’s bittersweet vocals in the weeks after he died, or maybe I’d just had a few drinks, but in its second run-through the wine definitely won me over. The wine is a good deal, tastes interesting, plus it’s organic, so I get that valuable bit of added self-satisfaction.
Red blend from Côtes du Rhône

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