2014 CVNE Monopole – Viura from Rioja

At a glance:
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Grape(s): Viura
Year: 2014
Maker: CVNE


As we dig out of the storm that blanketed much of the East coast (and gave some of us lucky folks a few days off of work), I thought I’d get my shit together and post a few notes about one of the wines that helped get me through the storm. Last week, as the storm picked up speed, I decided it was time to open up a bottle. While a red seems like the intuitive pick, I decided to switch it up (so, so brave, I know) and opted for a viura from the Rioja region in Spain.  viura monopole.jpg

With snow coming down hard outside, I poured a glass and took a whiff – crisp, clean, with a hint of something vegetal, almost like a green pepper. The wine was dry and tart, but not overwhelmingly so, with a little bit of melon sneaking in there somewhere towards the middle part of the wine (whatever that means). Still, it was undeniably tart – without any of the flowery stuff that some of the other dry Spanish wines like verdejos seem to have.

I, however, was not looking for a verdejo. I wanted a viura, and this did not disappoint. In a region known for its reds, I have actually been increasingly interested in the whites, which I had for the first time this summer at lunch in the San Sebastian (look at how seamlessly I worked in that obnoxious travel reference). So yeah, while it was not life-changing (which is a super unfair standard I realize as I type that) it tasted good, and unlike the zIMG_1730.jpgilavka I had a few weeks back (link) the tartness of this wine wasn’t overpowering – it was refreshing, but balanced.

After the first glass, with the snow still coming down outside, I poured another, then walked down the few flights of stairs and out the lobby of my building, standing under the awning watching the snow while I had a few sips of wine. Then it was back inside, up the stairs, and into the apartment where I would spend most of the next few days. The snow is almost gone now, and I don’t think we are likely to get a storm like that again this winter. This wine, I predict, will be back much sooner.

2014 CVNE Monopole – Viura from Rioja

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