2012 Coste Della Sesla Nebbiolo

At a glance:

Country: Italy
Region: Coste Della Sesla
Grape(s): Nebbiolo
Year: 2012
Maker: Travaglini

Price: 15.99

A few weeks back, I was at the store, casing the joint for a nebbiolo. I’m cheap, so the Barolos were not happening, and the Barbarescos were off limits too. I walked up and down the aisles a few times, peering closely at the bottles, trying to find a bottle with the name I wanted and a price I could bear. After a few laps, I found one on a bottom shelf, nestled in the shadows – a nebbiolo from the Coste Della Sesla for under $20.

travag neb.jpg

The wine looked good in the glass, almost a garnet color. It tasted good too – a light fruit (like a far away strawberry if that was a thing?), not super flowery, with a little
bit of acid on the back of the tongue. It was balanced, maybe just a little more weighted towards the back end of the wine, whatever that means. There was also just a tiny hint of something ocean-air esque – pleasant, not briny, but still definitely present in a way I’m not accustomed to.

For whatever reason, it reminded me of a Priorat wine I had last summer – at first seeming pretty straight-ahead, no frills, but getting more interesting the more you drink it. In any case, I was pleased, and it was well worth the neck craning required to find the bottle. Next time we are at the wine store, provided I can re-find the Narnia-esque place I discovered this bottle before, I’m buying it again.

2012 Coste Della Sesla Nebbiolo

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