Non-vintage Red Blend from Sonoma County

At a glance:
Country: USA
Region: Sonoma County
Grape(s): Syrah (60%), Petit Syrah (28%), Grenache (10%), Viognier (2%)
Year: No vintage, Christo Lot number 2
Maker: Marietta

Price:  18.99

Every so often when I’m browsing in a wine store, especially in those moments when I look particularly zoned out or confused, wine store employees come to my rescue. When people ask me what I’m looking for, I almost never have a good answer (since I rarely enter a wine store with any purpose more specific than buying wine), so my default is just to ask them to show me a wine I might not have seen before. This happened a few weeks ago, and as a result I came home with a bottle of Marietta’s Christo, Lot number 2, a non-vintage red blend from Sonoma County.

So looking for something different a few nights back, we opened it up. And it was christo bottledefinitely different. The first thing you notice is the color – a purple so dark it didn’t even
seem like a regular wine color. Like if there were pants that color, they would not have a wine name, since it wouldn’t make sense. The smell was intense, deep and full of fruit (wait guys wine is made of fruit?). The taste is a little crazy, almost sweet at first, and not shrinking from its 15.2% alcohol content. We were eating lamb chops for dinner, and the wine seemed a little too much, so we had a Loire red instead and set it aside for after dinner.

Drinking it again maybe thirty or forty minutes later, the christo glasswine had opened up a little bit, and was definitely no longer sweet. It had a bit of an odd texture, almost like a fine suspended sort of silt, although not as unpleasant as I just made it sound. Drinking the wine was almost like eating a good dark chocolate, in that it tasted good, but dried out my mouth a little bit and was hard to drink too much of. Not really sure why I couldn’t come up with more than that, but it was a little overwhelming, and with a limited reference point and not enough flavor words at hand, I got a little lost in the wall of flavor. Definitely different, and an interesting wine, but hard to have it with food, and not sure I’ll have an occasion to drink it again in the very near future.

Non-vintage Red Blend from Sonoma County

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