2014 Rara Neagra from Moldova

At a glance:

Country: Moldova
Grape(s): Rara Neagra
Year: 2014
Maker: Chateau Purcari

Price:  15.99

There are some settings that lend themselves to a really good wine. Late in the evening, after an adult rec league soccer game, and accompanying nachos and brocollini is not, at first glance, that kind of set up. But it turns out the bizarro combo actually works, and a good wine from a new place can shine through.

rara neagra de purcari.jpgComing home sweaty and tired and feeling lazy, we opted for a dinner of nachos (easy, and
always tasty) and brocollini (it was on its last legs, so had to cook it up before it went bad). Also, let me just get in a pitch for brocollini – this shit is tasty. Sautee it, add some honey a few minutes before it is done, then squeeze some lemon juice on it in the last thirty seconds of cooking. Sounds weird, but it’s rad, so go try that.

But to the wine. It was Moldovan and made from rara neagra, an indigenous Moldovan grape. The wine was full bodied with berries and a hint of smoke. It was a beautiful, rich red color in the glass, and juicy but not in a bad way. It had this earthiness to it, and while not at all sweet, had the characteristics that would make it a good mulled wine (and I know that sounds like a diss but it’s not, I promise). It felt  well grounded, with some prune flavors edged with cinnamon (also, don’t you always just think of that Long Winters song when you think about cinnamon?). A good wine, an interesting grape, and a less commonly seen country producing it – one we will get again.

2014 Rara Neagra from Moldova

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