2012 Bonarda from Mendoza, Argentina

At a glance:

Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Grape(s): Bonarda
Year: 2012
Maker: Zuccardi

Price:  14.99

In my pursuit to find new wines and new grapes, I almost always try to leave a wine store with at least one varietal I’ve never had. It was no different a few weeks back, and after stocking up on some of my more predictable selections (dry whites from France, west coast pinots) I picked up a bonarda from Argentina. It found its way to the back of my wine storage where it lived for a few months before resurfacing recently.

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetIt was a weeknight, and I was bored, so I decided to cook up an eye round roast (easy and surprisingly rewarding) along with some broccolini and potatoes. I like cooking, but almost as much as I enjoy the act, I like the part where I feel like I’m doing something. And doing something means I give myself permission to watch some pretty terrible tv, which I absolutely did. After years of being an ardent follower of Karl Welzein’s twitter (no longer as funny as it used to be, but so money for so many years – I would suggest revisiting his tweets circa 2013) I finally watched Roadhouse after seeing it pop up on HBO. An amazing film, and who doesn’t want to spend a few hours watching a sweaty, long-haired Swayze somehow get super rich as a bouncer (did not know this was a thing – maybe just in the 80s?) while freeing a town from its evil overlord (sorry, spoiler alert).Processed with VSCO with p5 presetSo it was along with Swayze, the eye round roast, potatoes, and broccolini, that I broke open the bonarda. The first sniff I took was edged with some buttered popcorn, which had me a little nervous. Still, a second sniff revealed some more wine type smells (some good black currant in there). The currant notes came through in the taste as well (thankfully the buttered popcorn did not), and the wine was medium bodied, with a bit of richness but not too much. It managed to be full-bodied without being heavy, and avoided the over-oaked barrel flavor that I’ve seen in similar types of wine. In the end, an interesting new grape and a decent wine, but maybe not one I will revisit in the near future.

2012 Bonarda from Mendoza, Argentina

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