2014 Insolia from Sicily

At a glance:

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Grape(s): Insolia
Year: 2014
Maker: Valle Dell’Acate Tenuta Ibidini

Price:  12.99

We moved across town recently, which was a pain, because moving always is. The upside (in addition to now living in a better apartment and having access to a grill) is that we are now way way closer to a wine store. The prices are not the best (but not terrible either), but the tastings are a stone’s throw away, and with plenty of bottles still firmly in my price range, I’ve already been hitting it pretty hard.

One of the bottles that I bought as a result of just such a tasting was an Insolia from Siciliy – the first Insolia I have had and one of the first Sicilian wines for me as well. In the spirit of embracing the new shit I now live by, this bottle came up to the roof to keep me company while I did some grilling (insert American flag emoji). Because I’m lazy and not that adventurous, I threw some chicken thighs in a marinade of balsamic vinegar, oil, and some garlic scapes from our CSA, let it hang out there an hour, then added salt and pepper and grilled them super hot for around four minutes a side – consistently good and more or less effortless.

The wine was a solid companion – good but not great, undoutedly refreshing and reasonably priced. It was tart, more so than I remembered from when I had tasted it a few days earlier in the store, and a little briny as well. It was definitely different – a little flat and without the mouth puckering of a viura but also absent the oak or butter or a chardonnay, though still woodier than I would expect from a super dry wine. It reminded me quite a bit of the Chardonnay I brought back from Mexico, with some of the vegetal, celery-like flavors around the edges. In the end a wine that did the trick, and one that I imagine I will pick up again at some point down the road.

2014 Insolia from Sicily

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