2014 Vermentino from Maremma Toscana

At a glance:

Country: Italy
Region: Maremma Toscana
Year: 2014
Maker: Le Chiantigiane

Price: Around 5 dollars

I recently took the longest vacation I have had in years, and over more than two weeks drank my fair share of wine. The first one I tasted (not including the rather generous plastic cups filled to the brim on my flight over) was a Tuscan Vermentino I bought for five euros at a supermarket near where I was staying.

Having flown from the states into Milan and then taken the train to Florence then walked to an apartment on the other side of the river, I was jetlagged and sweaty by the time I got this bottle open. With some cheese and thinly sliced speck close at hand, I popped the top on this one, and was pleasantly surprised. Tart and vegetal with some grapefruit rind and a hint of brine, the wine was refreshing and tasty.

While it was a little bitter, and admittedly not the most interesting wine I have ever had, it served its role admirably, and at less than six dollars, it’s hard to argue with the value. While I haven’t seen it on the shelf in the states and am not likely to be back in Firenze any time soon, I would turn to it again in a heartbeat on a sweaty summer day.

2014 Vermentino from Maremma Toscana

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